One program for Global GoalsGlobal University Collaborative Interaction for Sustainable Society

About OGGs program

The OGGs program is an interdisciplinary international program, in which you will consider what to do to realize a sustainable society.

Features of OGGs Program

Hokkaido University, which aims to contribute to solving the world’s problems, fosters human resources who can collaborate and cooperate with people from diverse countries, regions, and organizations in order to realize a sustainable society.
Specifically, through the OGGs program, students will acquire the ability to understand people from different societies, cultures, values, and environments, and ability to cooperate and solve problems with people together for a better future.

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The OGGs program consists of two phases:Basic Program and Advanced Program.

Basic Program
You will take intensive courses including lectures and seminars involving group work with students from overseas partner universities and learn about issues and diversity in various parts of the world. International experience courses offer both those that involve dispatching overseas and domestic field study, so it is possible to complete the program by taking courses in Japan only.

Advanced Program
You will take specialized courses at your host university in the mid-to-long study abroad period and deepen their research under the guidance of your host supervisor.

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